Secret of the Rosary

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This small book is an absolute gem for those who want to learn about the Rosary prayer as well as for those who pray it already.

St Louis de Montfort describes the Rosary as a “Crown of Roses” and as “The mystical rose tree of Jesus and Mary in life, death and eternity.” He says that “every time people say the Rosary devoutly they place a crown of one hundred and fifty[1]three red roses and sixteen white roses upon the heads of Jesus and Mary. Being heavenly flowers these roses will never fade or lose their exquisite beauty.”

And he writes that the roses of your rosary will “never wilt or die, and they will be just as exquisite thousands of years from now as they are today.”

In simple language, this book is presented in the form of the prayer itself, with short chapters which include pieces of history, advice and preaching, laid out like a Rosary.

St Louis writes with zeal about that which he steadfastly believes in: That which is not only important for increasing our love and devotion to Our Lord and Our Lady – but also for our salvation; the combination of Our Lord’s Prayer and The Angelic Salutation: The Holy Rosary.

He states that “through the Holy Rosary:

1. Sinners are forgiven;

2. Souls that thirst are refreshed;

3. Those who are fettered have their bonds broken;

4. Those who weep find happiness;

5. Those who are tempted find peace;

6. The poor find help;

7. Religious are reformed;

8. Those who are ignorant are instructed;

9. The living learn to overcome pride;

10. The dead (Holy Souls) have their pains eased.”

He claims that the Holy Rosary has “chased away devils, destroyed sin and renewed the world.”

We recommend this book to those who know nothing of the Holy Rosary and to those who know much. Simply the words of this Saint bring with them grace from heaven. That of which he speaks, his colourful passion and his zeal for this sublime prayer, cannot but help one to reach for their beads and pray...

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