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Choose an amount to donate from R150.

The kit for each Rosary Rally Captain costs South Africa Needs Our Lady in excess of R250. In order for the Public Square Rosary Crusade to be sustained and expanded, we need your help.

Please help sponsor a Rosary Rally Captain's kit with this or any other amount. This is also a way in which people, who do not feel that they can be rally captains for whatever reason, can contribute, besides prayer, to the success of the Rosary Crusade in South Africa.

By becoming a Rosary Rally Sponsor your name will be printed on a large Banner of South Africa Needs Our Lady, together with all the names of the Rosary Rally Captains, and taken to Fatima in Portugal. This will be presented to Our Lady of Fatima together with a bouquet of beautiful roses representing the petitions of our Rosary Crusade asking her special intercession.

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