The Christian Institution of the Family: A dynamic force to regenerate society (DVD)

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The family is the leaven of life and existence. It is the fundamental element for progress. It is the very breath of life for the future. But, alas!, for decades the family has been under seige and undermined in every way.

As a result society spirals increasingly into chaos that no amount of laws or regulations can deter. So what can be done?

This eye-opening 50-minute DVD-Video will give you the answer:

  • It will give you an historical perspective of the role of the family as a bulwark against chaos and anarchy as well as a regenerating force.
  • It will demonstrate the negative effects of urban and industrial society on family life.
  • More importantly, it will give you crucial new insights not only on how to help your family resist today's moral chaos, but also on how to be an element for change to bring about a Christian future for our country.

This professional DVD-Video is conveniently divided into three chapters, amply illustrated with video footage and photographs, and enhanced with background music.

Running time: approx 50 mins.

Best suited for Adults and 16 years old and over.

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