The Love of Mary

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The Love of Mary, penned by a humble hermit of Monte Corona, is a love letter to and from our Blessed Mother. So many Christians are unaware of how passionately their Heavenly Mother loves them, raining down floods of grace upon those who strive to honor God through her. More tender and compassionate than the most loving mother on earth, Mary’s great joy is running after sinners with a heart full of mercy. All we have to do is let her in!

This book is a tender treasury of comforting truths and inspiring stories about Mary. Our Lord refuses nothing to the Queen of his Heavenly Court, and as his mother, she is closer to him than any of us could ever be. As a result, she will not rest until she has brought as many souls as possible to the open heart of her Son. Structured as a month-long devotional, these 31 chapters will encourage and sustain you on the narrow way, reminding you that your mother is right beside you the whole time.

Whether you feel you deserve it or not, you have a Mother who wants nothing less than your complete happiness. Let The Love of Mary show you how immensely she cares about you. The closer we are to Mary, the closer we are to her Son—and to seeing their smiles in Heaven! Written by D Roberto, Hermit of Monte Corona. 240 pages.

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