Wonders of the Holy Name

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The Wonders of the Holy Name may well be the most valuable of all Fr. O'Sullivan’s very popular and soul-stirring books, for it reveals the simplest secret of holiness and happiness over. Scarcely one Catholic in a million has heard about the amazing power of the Holy Name of Jesus which the author explains here. He brings forth stories and quotes from Scripture, history and the lives of the Saints, showing the incredible efficacy of this Sacred Name and urging us to invoke it often — dozens of times, even hundreds of times each day!

The author describes what remarkable prayers can be summed up in the one word, “Jesus.” He shows how the habitual practice of this simple devotion shields us from temptation and leads us to holiness of life. He says that by repeating reverently the Holy Name we can glorify God, call upon His aid, pay our spiritual debts, assist the Souls in Purgatory, obtain a share in the graces God is constantly pouring out, receive protection from the devil, obtain the grace of a happy death, be preserved from disasters and even regain our physical health!

The Wonders of the Holy Name reveals a tremendous secret almost unknown today. In bringing out this secret, Fr. O'Sullivan gives us thereby a glimpse into the infinite holiness at the heart of our Catholic Faith.

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