Words of Love - Revelations of Our Lord to Three Victim Souls in the 20th Century

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Revelations of Our Lord to three Victim Souls in the 20th Century: Sister Josefa Menendes (1890-1923); Sister Mary of the Trinity (1901-1942); Sister Consolata Betrone (1903-1946) Compiled by Father Bartholomew Gottemoller, O.C.S.O. It is with coal that I make diamonds. What would I not do with a soul, however black she might be, who would give herself to Me. You are the echo of My voice, but if I be silent, what are you then? Most souls do not give their measure of generosity and love because no one asks it of them. It must be asked of them without being exacted; but it must be asked for, asked for on My behalf. When it is asked for Me, souls give; they give even more than is asked of them. It is My joy to help you. I can do great things for eternity with a soul who unreservedly gives herself to Me. To the question . . . Why do You love me, Jesus replied, Your misery attracts Mewhat would you do without Me? I have many souls who love Me and belong to Me. A single one of them can purchase pardon for a great many others who are cold and ungrateful. You must never forget that I always am, and love to be, kind and merciful towards My creatures. Yes, work is a joy and a great dignity for man; but what I desire is no merely your work, but yourself. You dishonor Me when you leave Me to think only of your work. My kingdom is not of this world. That is why I do not seek to make My Royalty resplendent in this world of matter. I dominate matter and merely lend Myself to it. That is why I see, by preference, an appearance of poverty, where matter is very little honored. Thus I am within reach of everyone. Thus you will be able to understand that it is by freeing yourselves from matter that you will discover the world of the Spirit. Give, give, make yourself poor, so that there may be in you and around you only one beauty, your Jesus. These are but a few examples of the wealth of insight into the mind and heart of Our Divine Saviour as contained in these words of love spoken by Our Lord personally to three privileged nuns who lived in the 20th century. Under thirty-four major headings, a monk from the Abbey of the Holy Trinity in Huntsville, Utah has painstakingly compiled this rich selection of gems from the revelations of Jesus to Sister Josefa Menendez (1890-1923), Sister Mary of the Trinity (1901-1942) and Sister Consolata Betrone (1903-1946). There is no reader who will not garner a new and profound understanding about the seemingly mysterious ways of Our Lord toward souls by a thoughtful reading of this unique book.

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